Youtube Beaty Gurus

Months ago i began watching in youtube beauty gurus, so they are girl that do makeup tutorials and talk about beauty, they are really popular, and their videos are fun to watch. In this post I’m going to tell you what I think are the best.

1.- BeautyBaby44 

Her Name is Lindsay , she’s 18 and she is like my favorite, she talk about beauty and fashion and also make vlogs

2.- StilaBabe09

Her name is Meredith Foster and she’s 17, she talk about beauty and fashion and at the end of every video she put bloopers.

3.- Macbarbie07

Her name is Bethany and she’s 17 , she is really funny and also talk about fashion and beauty and sometimes she make vlogs, and like Meredith at the end of each video she put her bloopers.


Her name is Fleur and I’m not really sure that De Force is her real last name, so she make vlogs and beauty and fashion videos and sometimes we can see Mike his fiance in them.

5.- Nikki Phillippi

Nikki make a lot of videos about everything seriously sometimes in her videos we can see her husband and her dogs, always make vlogs and she is really funny.

So these girls are my ultimate favourite girls on youtube.


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